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The interconnection of ‚People and Business‘

‚People and Business‘ was the slogan of the 2nd international Cleaning. Management. Service. Congress in Berlin, Germany, this past Sept. 2015. The Congress emphasized the importance and role of people in the cleaning industry. Presentations and discussions were various—from scientific technologies to the development of the labor market in the cleaning sector. intercultures Consultant, Sujata Banerjee, contributed a presentation on how different cultures influence standards, requirements and implementation of cleaning in various nations. Not only was her captivating storytelling unique in this context, but also her multi-facetted perspective on the topic. Sujata’s intercultural experiences and personal associations inspired a view of the cleaning industry as a quite significant social force.

Starting social change

Sujata emphasized the social aspect of the cleaning industry, especially how those who clean are impacted by their occupation. „We depend on cleanliness and hygiene,“ she said. „It can save or lose lives in hospitals. At the very least, it ensures our health and well-being, especially in urban areas. This industry benchmarks regulatory frameworks and processes, and it often helps turn around our environmental carelessness. But most importantly, it helps empower people and bring about societal change, providing up-skilling opportunities—not only at the bottom of the pyramid. I heard entrepreneurs, visionaries, engineers, educationists and other inspiring personalities sharing their insights into the challenges—both global and local—and came away inspired.” Her inspiration was demonstrated at the podium, and her presentation created an added value to the CMS Congress tackling the interconnection of ‚People and Business‘.

The 2015 International CMS Congress was organized by Messe Berlin, a client of intercultures with whom we are proud to partner. Since 1882, Messe Berlin has been organizing international trade fairs and congresses. Today, the company organizes more than 100 regional, national and international events annually.

Authored by Annarina Kemnitz; Edited by Malii Brown.

The above article was included in our Nov. 2015 intercultures e-newsletter.

Photo Source Title picture „Colorful chairs“: Getty Images.

Photo Credit „Sujata Banerjee“: Annarina Kemnitz.