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VPI (Virtual Performance Improvement)®

Is your management of virtual collaboration as precise and successful as possible in the face of increasing complexity? Virtual Performance Improvement is your gateway to solutions to all key challenges that face international teams, groups and networks.

Virtual Management

Based on years of research and experience in consulting teams in virtual collaborations and over a variety of conditions—and drawing from direct contact with pioneers in the field, Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps—the breakthrough of VPI is its focus on the one unifying success criteria for all virtual teams, groups and networks: The degree of perceived “closeness” felt towards the team/group/network, the project and/or the stakeholders involved. Coined by the co-developers of the VPA tool and VPI consulting solutions, “virtual closeness” describes the perceived closeness between two or more people in communication or cooperation scenarios with little or no face-to-face contact. VPI measures the extent of “virtual closeness”—and thus virtual performance—that is experienced by your team, group or network.

VPI introduces five categories in which virtual performance within groups, teams or networks can be improved by creating virtual closeness. In all five categories, concrete success criteria have been identified for communication and collaboration in an intercultural and virtual working context.

The results of a VPA diagnostic instrument enable the design of fine-tuned interventions for direct team leaders, members, and even whole organizations, to areas of potential Virtual Performance Improvement.

Sample VPA results profile

Fig.: Extract from sample VPA, displaying five categories of assessment

Learn more about VPA (Virtual Performance Assessment)®–For Businesses or VPA (Virtual Performance Assessment)®–For Consultants.

Your Access to the World of Virtual Performance Improvement

As this is a very complex field of interventions, only consultants and trainers with a high degree of experience and who have successfully participated in a VPA Licensing Workshop offered by intercultures, receive access to the VPA tool. Contents of the licensing workshop include:

  • Theoretical background on the diagnostic instrument, VPA
  • Technical usage of the web-based VPA platform
  • How to interpret the results of a survey
  • How to use the VPA process in customer context addressing leaders, teams, and organizational units, and
  • How to market the tool

Contact us to learn more about VPI and/or to register for the next VPA Licensing Workshop: . All consultants offering VPI consulting solutions to clients have successfully completed the VPA Licensing Workshop.


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