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Global Fitness is a term coined to capture the multifaceted nature of the personal qualities and competencies needed to thrive in today’s global workplaces and to flourish in culturally diverse contexts. 

There are many terms used to describe this set of skills, such as: intercultural competence, cultural intelligence, or global dexterity, among others. The book Global Fitness for Global People explains how to develop the competencies essential for managing and leveraging cultural diversity in the workplace. The book presents readers with a set of principles and tools that will help them to act with greater understanding, pleasure, and success.

Global Fitness for Global People is a professional development book which helps you to acquire the competence to manage and leverage cultural diversity in the workplace and thus to thrive in global contexts. Whatever your sector – international business, not-for-profit, third-sector, education, healthcare, research, politics, government, diplomacy and more – this book will help you and your organisation to perform more successfully. Part 3 of the book is especially relevant for senior managers and Learning & Development decision-makers in any sector.

So, become global in three steps: understand your goals, master your development and mould the context.

Join Peter Franklin in a discussion at Academy for Diversity and Innovation of the professional development book he co-authored with Helen Spencer-Oatey and Domna Lazidou. He will describe what the Global Fitness development cycle means: understanding your goals, mastering your development toolkit and moulding the context. Peter will also sketch out some of the principles and tools that can be applied to meet your own and your organisation’s needs and to deal with today’s diverse global environment.


Save the Date: Tuesday June 28 at 4 pm CEST. Register here: https://cutt.ly/EKuxaTw

About Peter Franklin:

Professor Peter Franklin focuses on intercultural communication and intercultural management in his teaching, writing and research at Hochschule Konstanz University of Applied Sciences. For many years he has also advised organisations working across cultures and trained and coached their employees better to understand, handle and leverage culturally complex contexts. Raised in the UK, Peter has spent his entire professional life in Germany, where since 1992 he has worked in numerous international contexts and projects.

Discover the book here: https://www.castledown.com/professional-books/view-title/?reference=9780648184430

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