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Facilitating Meaningful Conversations on DEI

Facilitating a conversation on DEI requires a lot of knowledge, skill, humility, and a special set of attitudes. With this in mind, the Academy for Diversity and Innovation – founded last year by Anna Zelno (intercultures‘ Managing Director Spain), Antonio Liu Yang, and Barbara Covarrubias –  launches their new upcoming course: Facilitating Meaningful Conversations on DEI. 

The course is aimed at DEI consultants and in-house DEI champions who are at the start of their careers and want to expand their practice to facilitate challenging DEI conversations. 


By the hands of the experts Shiva Roofeh, Anna Zelno, Farzin Farzad, Claudia Issa, and Joel Brown, who will share their knowledge and experience in the field, and teach how to create opportunities for meaningful conversations to take place. Attendees will gain knowledge on recent research and data on DEI in the workspace, and understand the complexity of DEI work in a global context and matrix organizations. Besides of receiving the orientation necessary to build a toolbox of techniques and activities for facilitating meaningful conversations while being able to design interactive interventions that are psychologically safe. 


This journey will develop and deepen not only facilitation skills but also self-confidence and competence in diving into and facilitating advanced DEI conversations.


📅  February 1st, 8th, 15h, 22nd, and March 2nd, 2022

⏰  From 6 to 9 pm CEST

🔸 More info: https://cutt.ly/Dossier_Conversations-DEI