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Join intercultures for the remaining event of our 2015 webinar series! Reserve your space free of charge—and send questions in advance for our guest speakers. REGISTER via email at brown@www.intercultures.de

Mr. Paulo Santos, Change Management, Daimler

Tue., 10 November @12:30-13:15 CET, “Leading Intercultural Change from the Top-Down”: Plant change within your organization that grows sustainably from the bottom-up with a top-down leadership approach. Learn how your peers are leading success in their intercultural change processes, and practice translating your organization’s vision and mission through actions that are recognizable, progressive and low-to-no-cost. Participation extended to upper and top management professionals.

Guest speaker, Mr. Paulo Santos, Change Management professional at the Daimler Group, will share his experiences partnering with intercultures to manage a major change process within Daimler globally, and engage in dialogue with participants about best practices in change management within the complexity of intercultural work environments.

True to our style, all intercultures webinars are interactive. Register and send advance questions for our guest speaker via email to our Moderator, Malii Brown, Director of Global Network Communications, at brown@www.intercultures.de. Those who cannot attend may send questions in advance to receive direct follow up after the webinar.

intercultures is a provider of high quality, competence-based intercultural training, coaching and consulting. Together with our clients, we develop solutions to work better in global complexity. Our goal in offering the 2015 webinar series is to serve as an expert resource, highlight the work of our global network and attract your engagement in a collective effort to work better globally.