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Above: WebEx screen capture of participant feedback at the conclusion of intercultures' June 2015 webinar

Above: WebEx screen capture of participant feedback at the conclusion of intercultures‘ June 2015 webinar

intercultures‘ June 2015 webinar, „Diversity: It’s Bigger than One Day,“ was hosted in honor of the Diversity Charter’s third annual Diversity Day in Germany. Those who attended represented a diversity of professional identities and logged in from the UK by way of Rwanda; Germany by way of the UK; Peru and the US by way of Germany; Spain by way of Poland; Switzerland by way of Spain; and India. 

Key learnings from intercultures‘ „Diversity: It’s Bigger than One Day“ webinar included:

  • A conscientious and competent Diversity practice activates the variety within the whole towards business performance that can outpace even the most successful homogeneous teams.
  • „Making a day“ of Diversity is disproportionate to the shared experience and impact of Diversity and a lack of integrated time and budget investment communicates that it is separate from our „real work“.
  • The Feedback Profiler®—developed from a global perspective—is one way to create a culture of Diversity practice through collective and self assessment, mutual exchange of ideas and focused practice. The Feedback Profiler® is a user friendly assessment tool—offered online and in a paper and pencil version—that facilitates the analysis of feedback preferences of giving and receiving feedback for different target groups including individuals, tandems, small or large group constellations and whole organizations.

Stay tuned for near future webinar offerings!