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The Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory (CCAI)

The CCAI (Kelley, C. & Meyers, J., 1995) is a 50 item-long instrument with which the ability of a person to live contentedly and work effectively in a cross-cultural environment is assessed. It is based on a non-culture-specific approach, which assumes that there are features common to all cultural transitions, irrespective of the culture of origin. The CCAI provides a framework within which to measure the ability of individuals to adapt from one culture to another or to work in a culturally diverse setting.

This self-assessment inventory gauges adaptability to other cultures on the basis of four research-based cultural dimensions:

  1. Emotional Resilience (18 Items):
    • Coping with stress and ambiguity
    • Recovering from imperfections and mistakes
    • Openness to new ideas and experiences
    • Interaction with people in new or unfamiliar situations
      Emotionally resilient people are likely to be more positively inclined, resourceful and to control negative emotions.
  2. Flexibility/Openness (17 Items)
    • Openness towards, and preparedness to learn from things and people that are different from oneself
    • Tolerance of others, non-judgmental attitude towards new experiences
    • Flexibility or role behavior
      The degree to which a person enjoys diverse approaches to behavior and thinking is analyzed
  3. Perceptual Acuity (10 Items)
    • Attention to communication cues
    • Ability to recognize the logic and coherence of other cultures
      This dimension examines the ability to accurately perceive cues across cultures
  4. Personal Autonomy (7 Items)
    • Personal identity independent of environmental indications
    • Confidence in one’s own values and beliefs
    • Sense of empowerment in the context of an unfamiliar cultural situation

The popularity of the Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory among trainers and cross-cultural specialists is due not only to its underpinning in research, but also to its user-friendly features: easy availability, inexpensiveness, ease of understanding and administration. Its statistical relevance was based on a pool of 653 people of different professional and cultural backgrounds. The tool demonstrates extreme reliability and validity.



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