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The International Profiler (TIP)

The International Profiler is a questionnaire and feedback tool developed by World Work Ltd. to guage the ability of individuals and organizations to work effectively in an international environment. In addition, it contributes to the identification of areas requiring improvement, while suggesting possible remedial action.

TIP is not culture-specific, that is, it observes skills that are necessary in order to operate successfully in an unfamiliar culture, independent of individual cultural constraints. As both an individual and group tool, it is the basis for personal and organizational development.

  1. Openness
    • New thinking
    • Welcoming strangers
    • Acceptance
  2. Flexibility
    • Flexible behavior
    • Flexible judgement
    • Learning languages
  3. Personal Autonomy
    • Inner purpose
    • Focus on goals
  4. Emotional Strength
    • Resilience
    • Coping
    • Spirit of adventure
  5. Perceptiveness
    • Attuned
    • Reflected awareness
  6. Listening orientation
    • Active listening
  7. Transparency
    • Clarity of communication
    • Exposing intentions
  8. Cultural knowledge
    • Information gathering
    • Valuing differences
  9. Influencing
    • Rapport
    • Range of styles
    • Context sensitivity
  10. Synergy
    • Creating new alternatives

International Competencies
WorldWork has identified 10 key competencies covering 22 different factors broken down into 80 items, which enable people to become rapidly effective in unfamiliar cultural settings. These are based on current research and the practical experience of people operating internationally.

The International Profiler is aimed at individuals who need to build adaptive skills for working in a multi-national environment. They may wish to review their present international experience and extend the skills they bring to the task. They may have a present or imminent need to transfer their technical and managerial skills more extensively into the international arena.

Source: World Work Ltd.



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