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Team Building

Cultural diversity can impact on the productivity of teams both positively and negatively. Multicultural teams have the potential to perform more productively than their monocultural counterparts, however the risk of their failure is also considerably greater. Studies indicate that multi-cultural teams are either extremely more effective or significantly less effective than teams made up of culturally homogenous individuals.

intercultures: Team Building

What distinguishes highly effective multicultural teams from others? It is the manner in which they harness and exploit diversity within the group. Depending on the stage of the team building process, or work phase, diversity can either aid or hinder the performance of tasks. Intercultural team building aims to help multicultural teams to use their diversity to their advantage where it increases productivity, and to mitigate its effects where it impedes performance.

intercultures proposes three intercultural team building modules:
Multicultural team building
Customized team building
Team Beat




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