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TeamBeat is a scheme of internal company events and training processes that uses music and percussion as a central medium.


How does TeamBeat work?

Each TeamBeat module makes music the primary goal of the day's work. The general objective is a jointly produced piece of music. The group goal is motivation and tangible success as a team.
All participants begin with a score of zero in team development. By way of the process of joint product development, each redefines his or her role in the team and identifies his or her function. Hierarchy and patterns are disposed of, typical behavior patterns are made conspicuous, reconsidered and repositioned.

The result is a new perspective on one's own team - its rhythm or culture- and a new understanding of the development and significance of team cooperation. TeamBeat raises team development to a new level and creates a new reinforced "we" feeling. It is the audible energy and synergy of teams.


TeamBeat is...

  • rapidly learned and binding
  • intercultural and non-verbal
  • sensual and stimulating
  • empowering and motivating
  • audible team building and success


Module Structure

Teambeat is very flexible both in teams and as a product. The modules can be varied and are individually adapted to suit the needs and objectives of clients, companies and trainers. Each TeamBeat module includes individual options and the facilitation of training and events.


Impulse Beat

allows your employees and clients to actively experience and participate in the new direction and developments your company is forging. We let your goals "set the tone" and place your employees in the rhythm of your company's dynamics.

Kindred feeling, motivation, innovation, identification with company objectives

Internal company events, launches, fusions, large intercultural events, entertainment and performances.


TeamBeat Workshop

This program emphasizes music, motivation and team communication and comes into play at the interface between company events and innovative staff training. TeamBeat workshops acquaint you with the rhythm of your team, and allow you to express not only your own style, but also team and department identity as well as that of the entire company. TeamBeat workshops activate participants emotionally through music, offering them the opportunity to discover new points of view and potential in their team colleagues and to realign them through transfer to the workplace. During training, musical pieces are produced in different teams and with methodical support and reflection, team and character development is revealed. This transfer takes place on the emotional level. It is designed by TeamBeat trainers and reflected upon with the team. Group work is self initiated and interactive.

The concept comprises preparation, facilitation and transfer of the musical experience to the workplace.

Target groups:
Newly forming teams, team restructuring, team conflicts

Improved motivation and internal communication, new perceptions about the team, personal success creating music, team success in the form of a composition brings up diverse associations in the minds of the participants and allows them to take away pictures and music.


TeamBeat Plus

When working with trainers, TeamBeat offers a gateway for the transfer of topics such as team development and executive training.
TeamBeat Plus is a special cooperation proposal for executives and trainers seeking new, professional methods to attain staff motivation and who wish to provide participants as well as employees new communication options through music.
This training option is individually developed to suit companies' needs. Fees depend on the size of the program and particularities of the clients’ “ensemble”.

Target Groups:
Trainers and executives, Human Resource Developers and Consultants

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