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intercultures is a service provider for which culture acts as one of a possible number of access points to the challenges that our clients present for solution. To deliver the most comprehensive services, we collaborate with strong partners.

These include companies, organizations and individual experts from the fields of organizational development, change management, personnel development, sales, negotiation, post-merger processes as well as learning solutions and relocation.

Our partners are not just links on a website – we know them personally and tremendously value their work. Their programs are a source of inspiration to us and help us to improve on our own services, as they cover areas outside of our field of specialization.


International Recruiting and Intercultural Assessment

interpool HR

interpool Personal

In cooperation with our strategic partner interpool HR we offer comprehensive services whenever the acquisition and assessment of international talent is concerned. With their focus on international recruitment and intercultural assessmernt, interpool is market leader in intercultural aptitude testing and provider of interview trainings, management audits, assessment and development centers in a context of globalization, diversity, and innovation.



Project Management Offshoring to India



RShore assists companies to succeed in their India-based projects. Since 2011, the consultancy’s unique model has been tested and refined and today the proprietary RShore model connects European companies to the real benefits of working with India. RShore’s areas of consult include Offshore Strategy, Transition Guidance and Management, Offshore Project Management Guidance, Performance Acceleration, Facilitation of Global Team Cooperation. In partnership with RShore we provide Global Skills Development, Global Leadership Development and India culture-specific development programs to prepare teams in complement to RShore’s portfolio of business offerings. Together, we offer the opportunity to interact with Indian counterparts with mutual and sustained resonance.




We work particularly closely with three relocation agencies:

Küster Relocation


Clapham Relocation


Basis Berlin



Change Management / Organizational Development

Change Facilitation

We work closely with the organizational and individual development provider Change Facilitation, headed by founder Holger Nauheimer. Change Facilitation is an international network of change management consultants and trainers that specializes in guiding complex change processes in international organizations. Transparency, innovation, commitment and high quality are the fundamental values on which cooperation with their clients is based. Change Facilitation brings together intercultural and interdisciplinary teams created to meet clients' specific needs.



Negotiations and Sales

Run by Ursula Hilpertshauser, specializes in sales training and communication and supports intercultures in these areas both logistically and in terms of content.



Learning in Organizations

coachingplatform, Inc.

specializes in maximizing the huge potential of online collaboration and informal learning to create business value and lasting impact. Experts like Gunnar Brückner work with our clients to enhance learning processes and eliminate obstacles for teamwork, knowledge sharing, and communication within their organizations.



Tolerance Development

The Akademie für Führung und Kompetenz (Academy for Leadership and Competence)
is an affiliate of the CAP (Centrum für angewandte Politikforschung resp. Center for Applied Political Research), which offers a wide palette of programs in the areas of tolerance, anti-racism, politics and democracy which bring industry and academia together. The academy is headed by Susanne Ulrich.




Parvis Papoli-Barawati
Mr. Papoli-Barawati offers consulting services for all areas of business law relating to Brazil, and is a valuable asset to intercultures in these matters.



Supervision / Individual Development


Directed by Siang Be, isi Berlin is a training institute dedicated to continuing education, inhouse training, therapy, supervision and coaching on the basis of systemic models.



Intercultural Organizations

SIETAR is the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research, which is also present in various countries as country organizations. The majority of intercultures’ experts are members of this organization and often very actively involved.
SIETAR Deutschland


intercultures | Network | Partners



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