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A team of highly qualified experts provides services for intercultures' clients.

Central Office
The cultural domains we cover


Central Office

Our head office in Berlin is the first interface with our global clients.

The intercultures team of the head office in Berlin.

Our address:
Berchtesgadener Str. 18/19
10825 Berlin
Tel.: +49-30-788 66 61

Please use our contact form for e-mail correspondence.


Office Central and East Europe

Our office in Poland looks forward to your contact.

intercultures CEE
Anna Zelno
ul. Benedykta Polaka 21/4
50-379 Wrocław
+48 713 077 788
+48 727 907 712


Office Spain

Our office in Spain also looks forward to your contact.



Our experts are intercultures’ advantage. They are among the best in the German-speaking world. They come from over 30 different cultures, have lived and worked in over 60 different countries and speak more than 35 different languages.

Our experts bring their own concepts to the structuring of each proposal. In contrast to many other providers, they don’t work according to an “intercultures method”, but develop a program with the coordination office in Berlin and/or other experts based on the specifics of each assignment. There are, therefore, no standard programs, but uniformly high standards of quality.

As a rule, our experts work alone. We place emphasis on this because we consider our experts to be sufficiently competent to work on their own. The bicultural trainer-tandem model is only used in exceptional cases where the assignment is particularly complex or where a resource person is required to cover a special aspect of the target culture or area of operation.

This method of operating reduces the costs for our clients, which, when added to our very slim company structure, places us in a very competitive position in the market.


Cultural domains for which expert profiles are available

Cultural domain competencies are, of course, only one of the key criteria on which the best client-program-expert fit is based. Individual trainer profiles merely give an indication of the scope of our experts' professional and personal qualifications. To receive a first impression of their exceptional qualities, kindly request a profile using our contact form.


Fetlework Seifu
Claude-Hélène Mayer, Dr. Ph.D.
Lawrence Oduro-Sarpong
Gladys Abankwa-Meier-Klodt
Gunnar Brückner


The Middle East
Ferhan Alesi
Sumaiah El-Said
Marina Khanide
Ammar Shams
Susanne Ulrich
Jehad Al-Omari, Ph.D.
Gissou Assmann
Rachel Livneh-Freudenthal, Ph.D.
Pari Namazie, Ph.D.
Gabi Kratochwil, Ph.D.
Ferah Aksoy-Burkert


Southeast Asia
Sujata Banerjee
Sreemathi Ramnath
Ursula Nguyen, Ph.D.
Molly Ng
Lina Sjamsil-Monham
Claudia Müller
Tina Patel
Bruno Marion
Hanafi Sjamsil


East Asia
Anne Niesen
Yan Xiong
Claudia Müller
Molly Ng
Lina Sjamsil-Monham
Claudia Graefe-Gasior
Joseph Shaules, Ph.D.
Suk-Geoung Han, Ph.D.
Bruno Marion
Chunhu Wang
Lynn King
Christine Xue


Latin America and the Caribbean
Stefan Meister
Elen Machado
Marília Alves Meister
Gunnar Brückner
Susanne Umnirski-Gattaz
Bernd Kappel


North America
Jeremy Solomons
Rita Wuebbeler
Stefan Meister
Friederike von Denffer
Christoph Barmeyer, Prof. Ph.D.
Bernd Kappel
Nikola Hale, Prof.


Western Europe
Isabelle Demangeat
Christoph Barmeyer, Prof. Ph.D.
Hilly van Swol Ulbrich
Stefan Meister
Françoise Dorizon, Ph.D.
Rhys Marc Photis
Ursula Hipertshauser
Bernd Kappel
Christiane Barho
Marcus Hildebrandt, Ph.D.


Central and Eastern Europe
Adrienne Rubatos
Pavla Hovorková
Ljiljana Simic
Heike Birke
Aksana Kavalchuk, Ph.D.
Vladimir Milutinović
Pawel Walentynowicz


intercultures | Network | Team



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