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VIDEO: “An Interview on Iran with intercultures Consultant Pari Namazie”
Working with Iran? Work better globally with us. intercultures Consultant for Iran, Pari Namazie, is interviewed in this edition of intercultures' 2016 vlog series. Click to view!

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The “Middle East” Is Not What You Think
Why does Islam feel significantly incomprehensible to so many? “This is definitely an important question," says intercultures Consultant, Dr. Jana Holla. “It is a very structured religious faith which is easy to comprehend, as much as a belief system can be rationalized. What makes it difficult [for people] is that you have all these negative black and white images that are painted with a very broad brush, and that hinder you from actually understanding what the religion is about. This is what prevents people from getting to know Islam.”

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Stories Help Children Fall Asleep and Wake Up Adults[i]
And now, here’s a story for you about Little Jim, Lukas and Mr. TurTur from the storybook, Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer (Jim Knopf and Lukas the Train Driver), written by the late German, children’s fiction author, Michael Ende, and shared by intercultures Consultant, Dr. Hanna Milling, author of Storytelling: Solving Conflicts with Heart and Mind.

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